How to Get A Jared Engagement Ring

Jared Galleria Jewelry was opened in the year of 1993. They offer a large variety of jewelry from watches, mounted rings, a lot of different types of jewelry and loose stones. One more thing that is especially available only on these stores is the Jared engagement rings. The price range is also very flexible. One can find stuff that is easily affordable to the very expensive and luxurious ornaments that one can imagine. However, this is not just what the store does. The store is also associated with Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the past eight years of their association they have contributed a sum of approximately ten million dollars. There are a number of stores displaced around the area; however, the majority of these stores are established in the area of the eastern United States.

There is an amazing variety of Jared engagement rings that are available out there to choose from. However, before, you pick up any one specific engagement you need to finalize as what kind of ring you are looking for. The main criteria to be under consideration here is that what is the stone that you are looking for. Some of the features that you need to consider before finalizing on one of the Jared engagement rings are as follows.

One of the options that you have is the yellow gold. This is a twenty four karat and the best feature of it is that it is pure gold, there are no other alloys mixed in it. Complete pure gold is not suitable to be formed into jewelry because it is too soft for use. Therefore, 14 karat or 10 karat is used instead which has some alloys in it as well. Mostly it is the cooper or sliver that is used for the purpose. The next option that is available in the Jared engagement rings is that of the white gold. It is given in either 14 karats or 18 karats. Alloys used for white gold include zinc, nickel and copper.

Platinum resembles white gold a lot but it is much more durable. With time it opts a different shade. There are also different shapes that one can choose from. They include the following.

The commonly preferred shape is the brilliant round one. Marquise is another shape that is quite liked. Then there is a four sided square shape that is called the princess. There is still more to the options of Jared engagement rings. A rectangular shape is known as radiant. Another is known as the Emerald. Other shapes that are available are as follows:

• Asscher
• Heart
• Oval
• Pear
• Cut
• Color
• Clarity
• Carat

This is just a small part of the detailed information that one has to deal with when they are looking for the engagement rings. However, there is a lot of assistance available at the Jared engagement rings stores. The staff that is employed there is extremely qualified in all the forms of jewelry, including contempary, modern, customized. You just name it and they will have all the information that you need.

There is still more to the options that are available to you through the Jared engagement rings. The website of the store is an amazing place in itself. You can pick up the rings of your own choice as you like. There is another feature that allows you to customer design your own ring. There are pre installed designs that are embedded in the website. You can make the combinations as you like and you will have the ring of your choice make. One more feature that you can use is to get your favorite ring remade as you like. All you have to do is provide the store with a picture of that ring. This is all you need to do on your part. The rest will be taken up by the store and they are going to make a ring for you that is going to look exactly like that ring.

The Jared store is the best place that you should go to get your rings as you can find anything you desired and that to in the budget of your choice as well.